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Zappettificio Alto Lazio S.r.l.
Via Regina Elena, 23
01010 Arlena di Castro (VT)
Tel. +39.0761/430989
P.iva/C.F. 02359770563

ZAPPETTIFICIO ALTO LAZIO - ZAL was founded in 1972, starting as a shop operating in the agriculture field. Over the years it specialized in manufacturing tools for land management.

Our experience in the field allows our company to manufacture all necessary production equipment. Each manufacturing step is carried out with care. All phases are checked so that we can guarantee the highest quality standards.

The right choice of the raw material, the consistency of the results both in forging and in the heat treatment processes allow us to offer our customers high-quality products, balancing elasticity and wear resistance.

The remarkable growth of business relations proves our commitment and reliability.

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