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Zappettificio Alto Lazio ZAL
di Bocci Marco

Via Regina Elena, 23
01010 Arlena di Castro (VT)
Tel. +39.0761/430989
Fax +39.0761/430989
P.iva 01665380562
Cod.Fis. BCCMRC79D30M082O

ZAL - ZAPPETTIFICIO ALTO LAZIO - also realizes very resistant products suitable to a heavy use.
These products ZAL are composed of the traditional tool, made of boron steel, and of the special ZAL coating, made of tungsten carbides. The coating improves the resistance and the life of the tool, without changing its original geometry; all the technical specifications given by the maker are thus respected, as well as the characteristics of the power absorbed during the working of the soil.

In this image the red dotted line indicates the point where we're going to apply the special ZAL coating made of tungsten carbides. We can do it on all ours products in agreement with the customers.


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